BF3 Very low FPS when switching Xfire on

Hello, i recently bought a brand new gaming rig and i am experiencing troubles with Crossfire. When i play BF3 with only 1 Video card enabled everything runs fine at about 45 FPS average on Ultra settings and 1920x1200 60hz, never dropping below 30. However when i enable crossfire the game runs at about 70-80 fps on average for 10-30 seconds, then suddenly frames drop massively to about 15 fps , which makes it unplayable. I use FRAPS to measure FPS. i am using catalyst 12.6 beta drivers, before i tried 12.4 and 12.3 using driversweeper as well but same issue remaims. I would love to hear how i can solve this problem<

Specs: Alienware aurora R4, windows 7 pro 64, Core i7-3820, X79 chipset, 2x AMD radeon 7870 crossfire, 16 GB ram, 2 TB HDD, 24 inch dell ultrasharp screen
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  1. Sometimes this just...happens. If it happens with another game that's Xfire compatible, then it's going to be one of your cards that's the problem.
  2. Did you get the Catalyst Application Profiles?

    This is a neccessity for using Crossfire.
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