Cooling advice for new build

Hi everyone

My aim for the build:

mid-level gaming
quiet for the living room.
try some newb overclocking.

Here is what I have already bought and put together so far:

SilverStone Sugo SG08
AMD A8 3870k
Corsair 64G SSD
2x4G RipJaws 1866
Sapphire HD6670 Ultimate. passive. Crossfired
Gigabyte GA-A75N-USB3

This is working fine so far however I need some advice on getting a new fan for the CPU and case in general I guess. The stock sounds like a buzzsaw.

Two problems:

1. With the passive HD in there I've had to remove the SUGO 180mm case fan.
2. The Gigabyte mobo has the CPU placed right next to the PCI slot.

I will get fancy on the cable management when as a last step.

What do you advise for cooling ? Are there cpu coolers that will help with the overall airflow as well? budget isnt much of a concern.
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    to comment on some components

    1: should have bought regular 1600mhz memory unless 1866 was cheaper. apus dont deserve the extra speed
    2:should have gotten a bigger SSD(128gb) from samsung. they werent that much more than 64gb models and have double the storage

    you could try this cooler

    not the best value but very low profile
  2. thanks.

    1. I took the cue for the memory from an overclocking review of a similar setup. Waste of time?
    2. Yes, regretting the small SSD now. Wasnt clear on what brands I could trust at the time of purchase.

    The cooler looks promising. I'll do some measuring to make sure it will fit next to the gfx card but it seems to take up space off to one side of the CPU which I could point away from the card I guess?
  3. samsung and crucial are much better

    the memory speed increase does nothing to increase performance.

    the cooler i recommended is about the same size as a 120mm case fan
  4. ok thanks!
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  6. FYI. That cooler is incompatible with the Gigabyte GA-A75N-USB3 when using the PCI slot. one of the few boards that is.
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