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Some bent pins/broken pins motherboard cpu socket

and there is a piece of cotton in the pins that I can't get out. the cpu temperatures are at 50 degrees Celsius to 60 degrees celsius will my pc be fine?
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  1. Whats the cpu doing at those temps? if idle those are bad.
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    Straighten out the pins , I did over 40 pins that were bent on my 1090t , works fine now . I used a 5mm mechanical pencil and jewelers screw driver to straighten the pins . These temps are at what , idle , stressed ? 60 for AMD pII up is not good , even stressed , near the limit .
  3. It was idle but now its at 30-35 degrees Celsius, and the small piece of cotton is still in that motherboard socket and if i try to take it out i might bend more or brake pins. Do you think there will be static shock damage?

    it is a intel core duo e7400 @ 2.80 ghz
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