Buying a Radeon HD 7870....

Maximus V motherboard / i7-2700K CPU@3.5GHz / win7pro / 60Hz Sony Bravia hdtv-hdmi / c:60g patriot pyro ssd / a:1tb storage hdd / b:150g backup hdd / Radeon HD6570 1GB

I am planning on buying the Radeon HD7870 2GB from here:

My question is... should I crossfire with my old card? :non:
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  1. The 7870 is better than crossfire 6570's and there will be less problems.
  2. If you crossfire a fast card with a slow card, the slow card won't really do anything at best, at worst it will slow down the fast card.

    The 7870 destroy everything at 1080p by itself anyway, even if the two were additive, the 6570 probably wouldn't be worth the extra power consumption.
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