Will my PSU support my GPU and PC?

Hey guys. I recently bought a GeForce GTX 550 TI video card and my current psu is only 300 watts so no way was that good enough so i'm upgrading. I recently found a PSU that fit's my budget and passes the minimum requirement for my GPU by 60 wats. It's the Cool master elite 460W PSU. I was wondering if that is okay enough to power up my GPU and PC with stability. I'm going to be join a little bit of gaming. Also please tell me what PSU is perfect for me for under $40. thanks
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  1. no no never buy a cooler master psu
    look for a corsair cx 430
    if you live in delhi you can get it for rs 2000 from nehru place
  2. Wait so is 450-460Watts good enough for my GPU?
  3. don't gimp on a PSU. Never get the bare nesesidy when it comes to PSU's. get a 550 or 600 watt. Always a + to have a little more then needed
  4. Sure the label on the power box says 460W, but how good is the power supply actually?

    Thats why most of us here have very highly rated power supplies in our main systems, because sometimes with a poor power supply, the system will become unstable.
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