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New graphic card not working

Hi guys,
I just bought new graphic card (msi radeon hd 7850 twin frozr 2gb) and seasonic 650W power supply today.

my current specs are :

Monitor: HP 2309m (1920x1080)
Motherboard: MCP73M01H1 (Napa)
CPU: Intel Core 2 Quad Q9400 2.66 GHz
Memory: 4 GB PC2-6400
Graphic card: msi radeon 7850 twin frozr III oc 2gb (previous one: GT 130 768MB)
PSU: seasonic 650W (previous one: 350W)

And when I put them together and turn on the power, the monitor doesn't not detect any signal (dvi).
so I switched the dvi cable to the on-board graphic card then the monitor can display but the device manager only detects ob board graphic card.
then I put back gt 130 and it works perfectly as before.
then I tried putting 7850 back then same issue (monitor doesn't detect anything)
I can see the fans are running on 7850 :cry:

Help pls?
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  1. I think that PCIe slot is a 1.0. Some new cards have issues running on that. You may need a new motherboard to run that card. You can try doing a bios update and check for any new chipset drivers, but I don't think you can get a high-end video card running on your stock HP OEM motherboard.

    If you can, try the card in another PC, one with a motherboard made for gaming systems. Or fine a higher end card with a PCIe 2.0 or lower interface to try.
  2. My friend just tested on his pc and told me that it works... :sweat:
  3. razefast said:
    My friend just tested on his pc and told me that it works... :sweat:

    That points to your motherboard, unless you did not hook up the power properly to the video card.
  4. I can see the fans at video card is running. So I think the power is not an issue.

    I forgot to mention that my friend used VGA cable but I used DVI cable. Can it be cable issue? Anyway, we are going to test that tomorrow so I'll post the results here again.

    If that is my motherboard problem then I need to buy new one?
    Or should I change the card with GTX 560 ti? (i think it's PCI-e 2?)
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    Cables used should not matter.

    You can either replace the motherboard or try a different video card with a lower PCIe spec. Though that is not guaranteed to work in an OEM board. Would be safer to upgrade the motherboard.
  6. you may need to go into the BIOS and enable the graphics card and/or disable the onboard graphics.
  7. Yeah what looniam said
  8. enable the graphic card mean change the setting to PCI-E, is it?
  9. yes
  10. I tried that alr..
    1. I connect dvi cable to on-board graphic card so that I can see the BIOS setting on display.
    2. change to PCI-E in BIOS
    3. shut down and changed cable to 7850
    4. start the cpu again but no display on monitor.

    I hope my steps are right ...
  11. Correct steps, except your other PCIe card works, so there should not be any need to change the default video in the BIOS for the new one.
  12. those are right.

    since you had a card in there, we know the slot is working. it seems the PCI 3.0 is not working. can you go back and ask if you can get another card because of this problem?
  13. Yea. I'll do that as a last resort. So should I ask for new 7850 or get other PCI 2.0 card like GTX 560 ti?
  14. since you know the 7850 works but not in your computer, a 560 ti is wiser to try.
  15. okay guys. I decided to get help from a shop and found out that 560ti doesn't work on my old OEM motherboard too.
    I bought a new motherboard gigabyte s-series and left everything at the shop to have them put all together.
    I'll go get it tomorrow and post the results.
  16. Just took back my pc from shop. I had to RMA the GPU yesterday also. The technician from shop says smoke came out of it after abt using for 30min. Btw I had to change motherboard as well. $_$
    Now everything seems fine at the shop.
    Thanks for all the help guys. :)
  17. sorry you had to spend a lot of $ but glad it all works. what motherboard did you get?
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  19. Anonymous said:
    sorry you had to spend a lot of $ but glad it all works. what motherboard did you get?

    I bought Gigabyte g41m combo. It's running fine for about 1 week now except I got blue screen (IRQL not less or equal) once while playing dota 2. :whistle:
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