Newly Built PC - CPU Fan Won't Run


Intel i-5 3570k
Intel LGA 1155
Antec 900
OCZ ModXStream Pro 700W
2 4gb 240pin RAM (RipJaw Series if needed)

Just built this yesterday and spent most of the day trying to figure out why my cpu fan isn't working, here is the troubleshooting performed:

Plugged system header fan into the cpu fan slot to see if it runs, runs just fine, put cpu fan into system header fan slot, it sputtered and stopped, was the most movement I saw out of that heatsink fan.

The interesting thing is, the system header fan, when plugged into the system header fan slot, turns on for a few seconds and stops, but when in the cpu fan slot, it runs constantly.

I get display, and I'm able to boot to the BIOS. I removed RAM to make sure I got the beep code, and that was received.

No wires are in the way of the CPU fan, I also tried reseating the processor just in case, and triple checked to make sure it was in correctly.

Everything else works, except for the CPU fan.

I'm about ready to say it's the fan, or the motherboard, but would like your input.

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  1. you are supposed to plug the CPU fan into the fan header marked CPU fan. without the CPU fan, it sometimes gets a error message or doesnt turn on at all
  2. Sorry, my post wasn't clear on that. I did have the CPU fan plugged into the fan header marked CPU fan. It doesn't start when plugged into that. The system header fan works fine in that one, the CPU fan, does not. I only plugged the system header fan into the fan header marked CPU fan to make sure that part was working.
  3. are you using the stock fan? if you are, get a better cooler like the hyper 212 evo. you will need it anyways for overclocking. it would be much quieter too
  4. I am using the stock fan. I'll look into the hyper 212 evo. Thanks
  5. no problem. if you want to spend a little less, you can use the 212 plus. the difference is the base is not as good as the evo but isnt too much of a problem
  6. Bought the evo. I believe what I'm worried about the most is it not fitting in my case. Guess I'll find out when it arrives tomorrow.
  7. it should fit. the antec 900 was a pretty big case
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