New build issues building..

Hey guys..

So i have all my bits and in struggling to install it all sadly :(

I have my asus saber tooth z77 with an i5 3570k and a h100 cooler on it.
The gtx 680 Msi lightning is slotted in but I can't get the aerocool xpredator case to lock it in with it's tool less lock system I also don't know what the v connectors on the video card are for?? I'm shocked at how bad all the instructions are lol.
I tried to boot it up and it just powered on and off repeatedly.

I have h100 connected to CPU and fans are connected to my Psu.
Psu powers motherboard And usb3 and ssd and hdd and 2x 8pin on gpu.
2 slots of 4gb ram in correct slots.

What have I missed?
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  1. Dunno what you missed. I can make suggestions.

    1) I looked up that board and it has integrated graphics. Can you get the system to boot with your monitor attached to the integrated graphics port? That gets you most of the way there.

    2) If you have other add-in cards, again remove them and try to boot with a minimal configuration. Even go down to one stick of memory (if the board supports that; I haven't checked the manual).

    3) Are there any beep codes or lights on the motherboard that stay on? These could point us in the right direction.

    4) If it works fine without the graphics card, then you only have one more step to go. First, try it in another slot. Yes, it may go down to x8, but if it runs you have a clue as to what is going on.

    I'll edit this post if I figure out what a "V connector" is.

    EDIT: No online manual. I checked out a couple of reviews and did not see anything v-shaped on the card. It does have two 8-pin power connectors - that thing sucks power like a sponge. Can you be more specific about its location, or post a link to a pic?
  2. That's a big card. Does it fit in the case, or is part of it hitting something else that keeps it from seating?
  3. I once had to remove parts of a videocard in order to fit in the case without blocking the sata connectors
  4. Ok I worked out i didn't have CPU 8pin power plugged into the mobo and I can't put it in with the h100 radiator in the way. It's only just too big. :( any suggestions? I had the red CPU light on and I assume it was from no power to CPU lol
    But yeah no idea about the v connectors on gpu....something about overclocking but idk what they connect to they are 6 little extension points about 3 cm's long.

    Can't seat graphics in xpredator casing still.

    Where should I mount h100 radiator or what should I do?
  5. Sounds as if you are going to have to get a different cooler. If it blocks the power supply to the mobo, it's too big, or badly shaped, for that mobo. Unless you can find a right-angled 8-pin power connector that will slip under it, although I've never seen one.

    On the can't seat, can you see if it's something mechanical other than the slot, with the card hitting something, or does it feel like a slot defect? Do you know that those cards don't go straight down into the slot? You have to tilt them up at the back-panel side to engage the hook (there's a hook in the connector!) and then pivot them down.

    For fun, a review that shows four of them on one mobo:
  6. for the 8 pin issue. most new mb have space under the mb tray to bring the wires under the tray and then out the other side of the mb.see if you have space behind the mb tray. if you dont look into picking up a eps 8 pin extension cable.
    also with the new sabertooth mb make sure before you try and turn the power on with the new cpu and video card you use the usb flashback and install the newest bios updates. dont need power on the mb just stand by power and rename the bios flash file to z77st.cap per asus web page. you can see there cpu/ram/usb/vidoe card updates on auss web page for the sabertooth mb. with the large video card see if it hitting the small 40mm mb fan next to the video slot.
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