CPU temp troubleshooting

System specs:
CASE: Antec Illusion 300
CPU: LGA 1156 - 2.6Ghz (OC to 3.2 Ghz)
CPU Model: Core i5 750 (Lynnfield)
Video: GTX560 EVGA
HD's: 1x 1TB (HDD)
HD's: 1x 640 GB (HDD)
HD's: 1x 120 GB (SSD-Boot)
I've been having some issues with my temps on my processor.
All four cores are sitting quite flat right on 50c while running Chrome, with no apps, it sits around 48-49.
I've just re-applied thermal grease and removed all dust from the case and my temps dropped only about 2-3c at idle.
The case has a dust filter on the front and that was causing some air to not get through.
As the video card is quite large, i get the feeling that my 120mm's on the front are just blowing across the HD's and out the power supply (bottom mounted)
I've also got another 120mm on the back, and a 140mm on the top, both blowing outward while the two on the front blow inward. Total of 4 fans.

I've still got the stock cooler on it, and i'm wondering if an aftermarket would be something to try. As there is no Mobo cutout behind the CPU mounting location, a bracket won't really fit.

Question: Would a load of 80c be acceptable while running the CPU on all cores at about 80% ?
Also: Any other suggestions to try would be appreciated.
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  1. what heatsink do you have on the cpu?
  2. Stock CPU cooler
  3. He said he's using the stock heatsink, and OCing. The stock fan is not designed for overclocking, so I'd actually say those temps are normal under those circumstances (the overclock).

    A new cooler would help.
    That is a direct link to the CPU I own ... i just noticed i had it for 3 years now according to purchase history on newegg ...

    As far as a new heatsink would go, would a better one with the same fan direction (toward the CPU) or one with across raised fins (past the cpu) be better?
    Thermaltake FRIO (across)
    Thermaltake BigTyp (down toward)
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    Most high-end air coolers use the "tower" design (across raised fins as you say), though the downward blowing design you linked to also works. I'd just look for the cooler with the best reviews at the best price (considering that one cooler may be on sale or have a rebate offered one week and another the next, for example).
  6. I will do some research and take some measurements on the space i've got available. Thanks SchizTech for your help. :-)
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  8. After running the same programs, the load temp was brought down to about 72c. Wasn't much dust in the system at all, but enough it seems.
    Moral: keep it clean!
  9. As this isn't really an answer but a post about what i've done since then... I have since purchased a Zalman CNPS9900MAX-B Cooler, the idle temps are now at 32c instead of 62c. I'd say that's a great result.

    Still 3.2Ghz Clock, could do more i'm sure, but it's sufficient. Thanks for the help guys!
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