What is a good basic fan controller?

Looking to have some manual control over a couple fans in a new build. Don't want to spend much, and don't need advanced features. Just something that I can use to adjust some 3-pin 120mm fans. I have looked at Newegg and Amazon, but conflicting reviews lead me to seek out real-world advice.

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  1. try a Deepcool rockman! Its so basic, even my 6 yrs. old newphew knows how to operate. ☺hehe
  2. I try to use the motherboard controllers if I can. Most motherboards come with some sort of controller software for those controllers which allows you to manually control the fans, use one of the present controller profiles or, my favourite, create a custom controller profile which will run your fans silently when the computer's cool and turn it into a jet engine when it's roasting.
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