PSU almost stops and starts again

Hi, I'm building my first build and was doing the *external build method*. So anyway I was completely done putting all the components on my motherboard and then I put in my psu, one cord to the graphic card, one to the cpu and the 24 pin one. I plug in the psu to the wall, turn it on, turn my motherboard on. And it then seems like the psu only gives power for ~1sec then stops and gives power again after a few seconds.

Like the fan turn well for a second, then it slow downs and when its almost done turning I hear a *tick* and it starts turning well again for ~1sec. Then starts slowing down, when its almost done tunring *tick* again and it turn well for ~1sec. Just the same cycle over and over

Both my cpu cooling fan an and my video card fan follow the same thing as the psu fan. I have some LED light on my cpu fan an they stay on for around 1 second after the *tick* then they shut down and go back on at the next *tick*. There is also nothing appearing on my monitor and no sort of beeps from the speaker(probably because the power doesn't stay on for long enough?). Anyone know what could be happening? I personally thing there is just something wrong with my psu? Or am I doing something wrong? Please any advices, thanks.
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  1. Is your voltage selector on the back of the PSU set right? In America (not sure where you are) we run at 120V, make sure 220 isn't showing instead.
  2. I'l check that thanks.
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