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I need help installing a Graphics Card over an Intel CPU

I'm getting a brand new GPU today and I'm curious about how to install it over the Processor's Graphics.

The Processor is a Intel Core i3 2120 and I currently use its graphics.
The Graphics Card I'm getting is an EVGA Geforce GTX 550.

I need to know the steps I need to take in order to install a new GPU, but I also need to know if there is anything special that I need to do to install it over the Intel CPU graphics.

Thanks in advance!
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  1. It is simple just put the gpu into pci-e x16 slot and it will automatically turn off the proccessor gpu.
  2. No uninstalling drivers or disabling in BIOS?
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    1. Before purchase, be sure to check that you own a PCI-E slot on the mobo, and the power supply is adequate.
    2. Computer must be off
    3. remove backplates equal to the # of slots the card takes
    4. Firmly insert card(its a good idea to ground yourself first by touching the case) into pci-e slot
    5. screw in screws on backplate which keep the card from moving
    6. Plug in 6 Pin connector from the psu to the card(the 550ti should have 1 i believe)
    Splits off here

    7a. Plug in display cord into gpu
    8a. some mobos automatically turn off igpu if the card works without turning off igpu then it may have been automaticly done for you, just go on your OS and install the drivers

    7b. display is connected to mobo
    8b. turn on computer, get into bios and shut off integrated graphics
    9b. turn off computer, switch display cables to GPU
  4. ThtRandomGuy said:
    No uninstalling drivers or disabling in BIOS?

    put the card and start the machine then turn off the iGPU.
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