Computer only runs for a second.

I just finished my latest build, no different than any other build I've done for some people who want to start PC gaming. But this time when i try to run it it'll only run for about a second. For that one second everything starts running only to stop. I don't have to unplug the power in order to retry this. I've triple checked all my connections and can't find anything out of place. I was very careful to make sure i did everything according to the manuals to try and avoid issues such as this. Any insight or suggestions into what's causing this issue or possible remedies will be greatly appreciated.
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  1. I just asked someone else to check the voltage selector on the back of the PSU. When it's set wrong it'll go for a second, stop, then usually start over again right away.
  2. It's also possible the psu is DOA. Try it in another computer and try another power supply in this computer.
  3. Yup, it was as simple as a bad psu. Thanks a lot!
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