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ATI 7850 on 500w PSU?

First of all: Hi, i've been looking at these forums for a long time, but never got the need to post nor to create an account before.

I have just aquired the following build:
Asus P8H61-M LX
Intel I5 2500K
Kingston Hyper-X DDR3 1600MHZ (2x4gb)
WD Caviar Green 1TB
PSU OverTech MA-6500BTX (500w) with the following characteristics:
Pasive PFC

I'm aware that the 7850 has a very low power consumption even on full load, and if someone can confirm this would work (not planning to overclock as of yet), i'd be very grateful.
So far this PSU has handled a C2Q, a GTS 250 OC and a 4850 OC, i haven't got the GPU yet, but if i have to get a better PSU, i'm gonna have to hold on for the GPU, and force myself to play games with the HD 3000 for at least two to three months.

Thank you in advance.
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    What does the PSU say is the combined 12v? Should have a line something like "12v1 and 12v2 not to exceed ???W".

    I've never heard of overtech and the model seems to say 650W peak with a 500W sustained. Such PSUs that do this tend to be low end. If it handled an OC'd 4850 then it will probably be fine. It would probably be the next thing I'd replace, followed by that motherboard.
  2. It doesn't specify unfortunately.

    The brand is Argentinian, with its components coming from China if i'm not mistaken, the site doesn't seem to have much information.

    I'll wait for more replies and make my decision (no offense, but more than one post stating this would help me decide, after all this could burn my PC).

    And yes, i tried to fit the build on a budget, and the rest of the money will be directed to either a PSU or a GPU first.
  3. It will handle ur graphic card . These r not fancy brands that people talk about. Just another regular PSU. They mostly come with the cabinet. But, they will do the job. U dont have to worry.
  4. If u have spare money do buy a good psu and have peace of mind.

    Everything is made in china from hi tech brands to the lowest ones.
  5. I agree with 4745454b, given what you have been running with it, you will probably be fine; but I would replace it when you get some money together; try to get a Seasonic, Corsair, etc brand PSU.

    Typically with PSUs if it's really cheap for the wattage, it's probably not a very good quality, some will last, some will fail, and some will fail and take other components with them. I typically budget 80-120$ for a PSU on a new single card build.
  6. No offense taken. I hate it when I find a post that has one reply and its already been marked as best answer. Really? You asked a question because you didn't know the answer and just accepted the first one you got? LOL! You do have three replies that all say the same thing now. As I mentioned you'll probably be fine.

    Be careful if it doesn't list total 12V output. There is probably a reason they don't want you knowing.
  7. Thank you very much for your help guys!!! I'll get the GPU first and see how it performs, though as soon as i get the chance i'll change that PSU for something a bit more reliable, something like this:

    Topower Top-650pm 650W (not a very known brand, but down here a Cooler Master, Corsair and such cost nearly as much as the GPU itself)
    44A on both 12v rails, with a max combined power of 516W.

    Once again, thank you very much!
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