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MSI vs. EVGA for a GeForce GTX 570

I am looking into a Nvidia GeForce GTX 570 graphics card for my new build. Right now I have two options:


The two are the same in price now, but the EVGA retail price is much higher than the MSI's. The EVGA also requires a mail-in rebate to match the MSI price. Which one is better? Also what kind of performance can I expect from a GTX 570?
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  1. MSI is even better choice also good cooling.
  2. xtreme5 said:
    MSI is even better choice also good cooling.

    Thanks. How do you think a GTX 570 will run games like Battlefield 3, Skyrim, Arkham City?
  3. well, I've used this card in past it is very excellent card can max all the latest games with decent frame rates.
  4. here you can see.
  5. I found this deal on ebay. I think its a steal, but have you guys had any experience with Zotac cards?
  6. zotac are slight better in performance.
  7. the above graph is outdated
    that is from the beta, performance of BF3 has been optimized a good deal since then, Id say a gtx 570 with a nice oc on it can run BF3 on high/ultra at 1080p with low or no AA @ mostly 60+fps

    its not going to max the game out with every setting and detail but will certainly do just fine, shoot even my gtx 560ti SLi setup cannot max everything with 60+fps, but with a setting or two dialed down I am easily achieving high competitive frame rates
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    I'd still go with the MSI, its better cooling and you can easily achieve the OC of the AMP model...

    For $250 its a complete ripoff, thats what 580s are going for on ebay these days....
  9. i know that is outdated but that is just an example.
  10. get it lol 41.
  11. Of course that seems obvious, but in the pictures I saw the card was placed on a plastic bag. I am not sure if it was an anti-static bag or not though. Do GPU's usually ship in anti-static bags?
  12. yes.
  13. no way it will be that low 6 days from now, yeah, usually shipped in anti-static bags... depending on the manufacturer, sort by time left and get a realistic 580 for around 230 or more...
  14. i think brand new ship with anti static bag,
  15. With ebay auctions, the price tends to get really high in the last 10 minutes or so.
  16. I think I'm going to wait until the end of the auction to see how to prices climb. I don't mind spending in the 200s for a 580, which itself is a good deal.
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  18. awesome, good luck sniping a 580
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