LAN in WinXPpro??

Trying to set up my LAN trough WinXP and it just wouldn't
Work. Here's the sketch: Got 2 computers peer to peer like,
"server" is running winXPpro with two NIC's, one dynamic IP conf. out trough Internet(running like a spear) and the other static IP conf. into my LAN. "Client" is running Win98SE. Both computers is in the same workgroup but they can't see each other at all. Got TCP/IP protocol on both machines.I can't even ping the LAN NIC which is on my "server"computer and when i try to display the members in the XP workgroup it refuses.
Instead i get "Your workgroup xxxx is not accessable,you might not have the permission to use this resource, ask your server Admin about help". What kind of crap is that?
Same thing from "client"machine, no ping at all. What am i doing wrong? Had win98 before Xp
and it run perfectly..
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  1. First the good news. I'm running a very similar config at home. One XP box routing with two nics for an NT Server with a single nic.

    What IP addresses are you using on your 2nd (non dhcp) NIC, and what IP settings are you using on your win98 computer?

    How are they connected? Hub, crossover cable etc?

    Any cable/dsl routers involved?
  2. My XP LANcard(2) on my "server"comp. have a staticIP of and is suppose to talk to my "client" (win98)through a hub, which have a staticIP.My XP"primary" card(1) which is attached to internet have a dynamic IP and goes through a DSL modem.
  3. Those are bunk IP's.

    Try and those 0's are illegal.
  4. Really appreciate your help but i can't even ping my own computer! And i can't see no reason why the NIC's or cables/hub should totally brake down all of a sudden just because i installed XP.
  5. Do you have the XP's firewall enabled?
  6. No i don't. And will not since i have Norton Internet
    Security takin' care of that which works just fine.
  7. Is running XP on both machines out of the question? It's so simple then that you'd have this solved in less than 3 minutes.

    Sorry I can't be of more help, but if you get tired of troubleshooting and have that option I'd give it a go.

    In that case I've had a problem where I formatted one of the machines and then when I ran the network wizard it just didn't want to work correctly. In that case there was a nice little option to "repair" and after one click I was up and running again.

    Also, the address might be illegal, but I'm using it and it works.

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  8. I also use 192.168.0.x with no problems, back to the original post, I had a similar problem, but my prob was that I kept getting asked for a password when connecting from an xp box (all other systems ok), I read somewhere (may have been here...) to make a password on the machine that has trouble connecting and that wokred ok, may be worth a try. Can you ping the other pc's on the network ?

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  9. Have you run the NIC diag utility on both machines to check the cable & NICs & cable plugs?

    Sure you're using a crossover between the two PCs? And not just a patch?

    Have you got netbios/netbeui installed? Without this you can't see each other's PC even if you <i>can</i> ping.

    That'll do for starters...

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