Which GPu for those money


My GPU is faulty so i need to buy new one :(

My PSU is Chieftec 550W GPS AB-A

CPU: E8400
Mobo : Foxconn Mars / Asus P5K-Pro
Ram: 2x1 Ocz Reaper & 2x2 Corsair XMS2

I can buy either of the following GPUs:
Sapphire HD 6870 OC - 160 euro (or non-oc version for 145)
Sapphire HD 7770 OC - 135 euro (there's more 7770's in that price tag)
Asus 550ti DirectCU - 120-130 euro.

I don't play the "new" games such as bf3 etc, so i don't need the most powerful card, but if buck is worth it for radeons, i'd pay up.
I'm more interested in low stress temps (550ti asus has 60*c, which is fine) or "not too loud".

What do you propose, and if it's any of 7770's, please tell me what "version" is best to buy (best cooling ^_^ ).

PS: take into consideration that i'm more towards GF, as i use their CUDA technology for video/graphic editing.
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  1. Get the ghost thermal technology 7770 like this one

  2. Why not get the Evga GT 640 like this one


    And it's just $109 :o
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