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Videocard is present on CPU or Motherboard or either of them?


1) Integrated graphics come along only with the motherboard or with some of the CPUs too? I thought integrated graphics always come only with the motherboard, but recently I came across some online advertisements for few processors where they had mentioned integrated graphics as one of the features of those processors, so these graphics come along with CPUs too or only with the motherboards?

2) For simple or basic internet browsing the integrated graphic is enough or a separate graphic card might further improve the web browsing experience? I will never use the computer for gaming etc.

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  1. 1 current Intel lga 1155 CPU's and AMD APU's (FM1 and FM2 platforms) have the GPU on the CPU's
    2 for your use current integrated is enough.
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    For long enough motherboards have had a graphics chip on the motherboard, but not all motherboards had a graphics chip. This is usually a low powered chip which would be powerful enough to put a display on your screen and little else. Over time this has gotten more capable and powerful but still isn't powerful to match a proper graphics card.

    Moving on, with the advent of the lga1156 platform the graphics chip was removed from the motherboard and moved into the cpu, but this was limited to the dual core pentium, i3s and dual core i5s, the quad cores went without.
    Bringing up to date, with the further development of the lga1155 and AMD's FM1 + FM2 platforms all the chips got graphics moved onto the cpu.

    Something that has never changed has been the option to install your own graphics card and disable the onboard/onchip graphics. As you don't plan to game, this is something you don't need to worry about.
  3. Thanks very much Rolli59 and Pauls3743, This information is very helpful!!!
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