70-100$ 750w showdown

Okay, so my earlier question was answered in the Fatal1ty vs Seasonic x650, but sadly, the Seasonic has went back up in price from the awesome 90$ it was featured.

So now I'm down to these 4 competitors:

Corsiar TX750:

Fatal1ty 750w:

EVGA SuperNova 750w:

XFX p1-750x:

I will be bringing one of these home this week. Your guy's thoughts?
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  1. I would go for this one http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16817703027 or the Corsiar TX v2 750.
  2. Review for EVGA NEX that should put you off it:

    The XFX P1-750X-XXB9 is a rebranded Seasonic M12II Bronze (SS-xxxAM), which is basically the modular version of what is used in the Corsair TX750 V2. They perform well enough, and their quality it high enough. However their minimum fan speed is 1000RPM, so not that quiet.

    If you were willing to take the Seasonic X-650 (SS-650KM), then I don't see why this wouldn't be good enough for you either:
    Rosewill Capstone-650M ($110 @ Newegg)
  3. Except for the xfx, those PSU's where around 90$, which PSU would take the cake at 85-95$?
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