Get the 8320, or save $60 and get the x4 965?

Now, before anyone opens thier mouth, due to a limited budget, this will likely NOT be an Intel i5 build, please do not jump in and give that as your first conclusion. I simply want to know if the 8320 is worth the extra 60 bones vs the Phenom II x4 965 in a gaming environment when paired with a Radeon HD 7850. Primary PC games played are Skyrim, NFS Hot Pursuit, Shift 1 and 2, GTA IV, BioShock 1 and 2, and Dawn of War 2.

Overall, my budget is around $850, give or take 20 bucks. If you can get me an Intel build that costs the same (mATX form factor, has to have usb3 headers), and will let me run those games maxed or close to maxed at around 60 fps average at 1360x768 and 1920x1080 and back it up, I will consider it as well.

And is this case
a decent case provided that I add 2 80mm fans. or would the Armor A30 be a better choice?

Thank you for your time everyone.
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    The 8320 is worth the extra (more cores, newer architecture and very good value for money) but the Phenom should be enough for the games you have listed
  2. I suggest this case-

    Why go all the way to 8320 :P Just get a 6300.
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