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Hello guys.

Just read this forum:

.. but I'm still a bit confused.

I have 2x
and 3x

I connect two of my monitors with DVI to each one of my graphic cards. What about the last monitor?
Should I just connect that with a HDMI cable to graphic card nr. 1 ?

I hope you can help me out.

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    could have said what you had. links are nice and all but shouldn't have them to finish your sentence and figure out what you are even asking. sorry to nitpick

    to use eyefinity all the monitors must be connected to the first card. weird that gpu only has one DVI. anyway. connect one monitor via DVI, one via HDMI, and the 3rd has to use an active mini displayport to single link DVI adapter. they are about 30 bucks. again. all 3 must be connected to the first card. then install the crossfire bridge and enable crossfire in the driver.

    again. not to nitpick. and there is some wrong info in that thread. but the 2nd post describes a card exactly like yours and says exactly how to connect it. including that display port is required, and a link to an adapter
  2. Thanks for the fast reply. Sorry, I'm not used to people knowing cards by name and all :)

    once again. Thank you :)
  3. Wasn't quite sure if it was the same thing when it comes to Crossfire.
  4. no problem. if i sound like an @$$ i'm rather tired, sorry lol. it can be a little confusing. AMD cards have been able to support 3 or more monitors for years. Nvidia only supported 2 per card until the GTX6xxs.

    so for AMD you always connect to one card to use eyefinity or crossfire, and crossfire was not required. for nvidia if you wanted to use three monitors together you HAD to use SLI and connect 2 cards to one and the 3rd to the 2nd GPU. the new GTX670 an 680 let you use all the outputs at the same time now though
  5. Ah. Informative. Well, I think it's a good thing to go CF since there is a performance bump when you run 3 monitors :)

    How do I vote your answer the best and make the topic solved?
  6. Try it now. ;)
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  8. Thanks Mousemonkey :)
  9. NP.
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