AMD or Intel?

I'm going over the forums and news updates about CPU's. I'm torn between my friends' advice and from what I read here.

So I would like to ask for your expert opinion.

Which is better, Intel or AMD?

Please guide me to the right path!

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  1. what do u want to with this pc
  2. ^+1
    The best processor for any given computer largely depends on what you plan to use the computer for and your budget.

    But most here, including myself, will tell you intel.
  3. I want a gaming PC. Not really the best specs since my budget is only around $600 but I want it to be upgradeable as well so it's really important that the parts are compatible if ever.
  4. AMD has some great value CPUs after they released the piledriver architecture. They finally can compete with Intels i3 CPUs in gaming.

    Here you can see a Little comparison

    Intel is the best though as it is right now. You won't find any better AMD CPU.

    Feel free to jump around in the review if you got more questions! :)
  5. I would tell you go AMD, for under $600 you can only go with an i3 and for gaming i would say go with the AMD FX-6300 for $140 you cant go wrong with that CPU i use it in my Budget and have it @4.8GHz and i love it, plus the FX-6300 kills all i3 intel has to offer :bounce: . Im just telling you to go with something you wont regret later on, FX-6300 6 cores, i3 4 threads from a dual-core!!
  6. Heres a video on the topic.
    Skip to 5:07 if you want the answer.

    Hint: it goes along the lines of, neither.

    Which platform to go for entirely depends on your budget and usage. Your after gaming performance and on a $600 budget.
    Given your low budget, it makes sense to go AMD as they offer better performance at the price-point your after.
    If you had a bit more cash, then it would make sense to go Intel, because above $200 they pretty much dominate.

    If you were after multi-threaded performance on a budget, again its best to go AMD until you can afford to spend $300+ on a CPU. If you can then its better to go Intel.

    Of course, whats true now may not be true later on. Who knows, Steamroller might be the revolution AMD desperately needs and Haswell could fall on its face.
    So it depends when you are buying, for what purpose and what budget your at. Its not as easy as saying that one is better than the other.
  7. o, if you have a limited budget, go for amd, the FX 6300 is good enough, or you can also buy the 8320. for Intel, you can buy the i5 3330k. both are great. but processor is only 30-40% factor for gaming. spend more on the graphics card. AMD radeon hd7770 is good. or the NVidia 650 or 660 ti.
  8. OMG this is perplexing. . . I guess I should try one to find out. Thanks for the answers!
  9. AMD.

    Intel is ultimately I much better manufacturer IMO. However, just get the AMD with a decent GPU, cheap, great performance, you can't go wrong.
  10. Screw that. this is what you need!

    in all seriousness however, it depends on your personal needs. as powerful & shiny as the intel hex i7's are, they are just overkill for the vast majority of users. figure out your needs & budget; base your choice on that.
  11. If you had a (let's say) $800 to $1000 budget we could argue on this. Since you are building a budget gaming rig, any more dollar you can put in GPU is more important that the amount you put in your CPU. Just keep in mind... Also at this price point, it is vague if you should expect future proofing one or not. I wouldn't. I'd get a fx 6300 (like mentioned before) and a GPU like HD 7770 / GTX 650 Ti / HD 7850 or even a GTX 660 depending on the bank. Peace and cheers :)
  12. i'm going to give you an honest-to-god answer.

    an AMD processor is all you really need if you don't do anything ridiculously CPU-intensive. Intel wins (almost) all of that, i know.

    If you get an FX-8320, Overclock it to 8350 speeds, (or more if you want to), then it will perform just fine for your needs.

    If you are a Gamer, you WILL NOT notice any significant difference between the 8320 at 8350 speeds vs. intel's i3-i5.

    i7's are for people who want serious power at serious prices. :)

    Intel wins synthetic benchmarks. - real-world performance differs.

    for comparison, my 8320 scored~ 9350 on passmark. look where that puts me- high-end CPU benchmarks

    Oh. also, my build below was my budget build. i paid $900 for it.
  13. chocostain said:
    Which is better, Intel or AMD?


    In my experienced opinion the question is not valid.

    For non-gaming taskx most modern CPUs are more than enough to run the software.

    For gaming a CPU running at 3 to 10 Gflops pales in comparison to GPUs that deliver 100 to 1000 Gflops or more.

    So what it comes down to is that there really is no "best" CPU brand at all.
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