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Radeon hd 7850 on a 550 watt psu

What psu size will I need for a 7850??

i want to be able to oc the 7850 and my i5-2500k to 4.5 ghz on a h60.
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  1. A quality 550watt would be plenty for that!
  2. okay, will a 500 or do i need the room if i want to oc
  3. You would probably be fine with a quality 500watts but since they are in the same price range I would go for a 550 for extra headroom. Just pay attention to how many amps they have available on the +12volt rail!
  4. That is a pretty nice looking PSU. It's got a single 12v rail, which is hard to find at that price range, which puts out 40A (480Watts).

    I would expect it to be a pretty high quality unit, I've heard corsair PSUs recommended a lot as well.

    The 12V output should be sufficient to overclock both your card and CPU.
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    Yes a great budget PSU!
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  7. Sweet thanks!!
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