I5 2400 reaching 63c load after using enhanced turbo.

I am currently using a coolermaster hyper N520 and I am concerned with my current cpu temperature. Before turning on enhanced turbo boost I use to get 55-58c on load. My idle temperature stays at around 29-39c. I am planing to upgrade to water cooling, but I want know if this is necessary at all at the moment. I remember when I installed the N520 it felt like I put too much thermal compound on the cpu, which I think could be the prime suspect of my current issue. I would go ahead and reapply the thermal compound, but removing the N520 and reinstalling it again would be a nightmare and I don't think I can do it. In conclusion, I just want to know if keeping enhanced turbo on would be a problem and whether the cpu will be able to last with this temperature until I purchase a water cooling system in about 3-4 months.
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  1. 63c is absolutely fine! You could run it for years at that temp and there'd be no issue. Low 70s is also OK for a Sandy Bridge processor. Watercooling is really only for large overclocks, which isn't possible on the i5 2400
  2. Well that's great news then. Thanks for the fast reply.
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