Computer not booting, nothing happens

I build a new computer, everything started normally til I started installastion of Windows. The computer stopped suddenly, I did manage to start it once again but it turned off again after 4-5 mins. After that I have not been able to boot the pc.

The motherboard ASUS P877Z-v Deluxe has tha Power light turned on (red light), but the reset light/button (green light) is off. I remeber that this light was also on when the computer was working.
I have tried pressing the on/off button many times on the motherboard but no response.

Why is green light not turning on? Is this signal of faulty CPU?
I have tried a standalone build with only motherboard and power connectors (outside case) but still the same situation.
i have also tried cpu, ram, mobo, psu build but no Luck.

I have tried resetting the CMOS but nothing happens, i did that by holding the CLR_CMOS button, have also tried the battery reset method but no luck.

I'm wondering if these symtoms are signs of a bad motherboard or it might be the cpu?
Do one need a cpu for motherboard to function and the motherboard in standalone installation will not do anything?
Do we need cpu for resetting cmos?

As the computer was working fine before installaion of Windows, can the cpu be harmed bcoz of overheating or so?
I have no opertunity of checking in another pc.

PSU is working as the on/ff light lits once I turn on the PSU.
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  1. will my asus P877z-v deluxe that has a led display on mobo post some errors if its Powered standalone? without anything only mobo and Power cables.
  2. is the psu working finr if the power on light lits on mobo?
    i have tried flashing bios on mobo with quick flash update function but holding down the button dpoesnt start the flashing prosess, may be it is mobo?

    Im reaaly confuse, is it mobo, cpu or psu? plz help
    it seems that mobo is not responding to any thing other then the power lit is on.
  3. I have eliminated the PSU using a millimeter.
    I have also checked all points of 8-pin and 24 pin motherboard connectors.
    My harddisks also turn on, and dvdrom can be operated (tray open close +light)
    That means my PSU is GOOOOD :)
    Now I'm down to CPU or Mobo, I'll start by replacing mobo, I think that will help
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