Question about surround vision?

I have one Asus VG278H.
Its a 27" 3d monitor with nvidia vison 2.

Can i buy two benQ G2750 27" monitors and use surround vision with my Asus monitor? (not 3d ofc)

I'm looking for 2 of the cheapest 27" monitors. I saw there was a few a little bit cheaper but not sure about there quality i don't want something rly crappy either.
So from experience and rep BenQ doesn't deliver crap.

Shouldn't be a problem running surround vision in games like skyrim and dirt 3 with:
GTX 680 Asus CU II TOP
i7 3770K
16GB mem?

Thx for all answers :D
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  1. you can run them all at 60Hz since you won't be doing 3D. no issue there. Does the 680 have the power to drive them.... in skyrim, probably. In a highend AAA title... i am not sure. the 7970 tends to do better at multimonitor/highres setups. but if you already have the 680 of course don't change it. just look for some benchmarks to see what to expect. Pretty sure toms has run triple 1080p benchmarks on dirt3 and skyrim with the 680
  2. Well i haven't bought the GTX 680 yet but I'm kinda fan of nvidia :P Well i have only used Nvidia cards :P So i know very little about the Radeon Series.

    How would i link the 3 Monitors together?
    The GTX 680 has 2 DVI' ports and 1 HDMI and 1 display port.
    The benQ monitor dosnt have HDMI only DVI.
    So guess HDMI to the Asus monitor and DVI to the 2 other benq?
  3. Before the GTX670/680 nividia only supported 2 monitors per card. now you can run all 5, 3 of which are common (dvi/hdmi)

    DVI single link and HDMI are the same signal, minus audio, a simple wiring adapter does the swap.

    Now. AMD 7970s do better in tri monitor because the have more ram and power. if you want to go nvidia thats fine too.

    Quite frankly i am severly dissapointed in nvida right now. They did a paper launch of the 680 3 months behind AMD. When they couldn't produce it. and the 7970 could already beat it. They shoved the 670 out to try and save their butt. AND they crippled GPGPU compute on both cards to get them out. Something the AMD cards excel at.... Thats the only reason for the power difference.

    Its just.... sad. AMD has a whole new competent, low power, GPGPU compute series out that matches Nvidia at everything. And all nvidia has is the GTX670. I expected more.... not the fanbioys whining that nvidia had GK110 in the wings. they just couldn't make that work. we are months away, and still have no GTX660. Its just sad to think we only got 2 cards from nvidia and they are so far behind the HD8000s will be out by the time they "finish" this series with rebranding
  4. oh well now you got me kinda confused. Shuld i get the 7970 instead xD
    Ill look at some benchmarks
  5. lol sorry. was having a bad day and my mind got off on a little rant.

    7950/7970 have more memory and tend to pull ahead in multi monitor stuff. They over clock very well, and with the new 12.7 drivers pretty much match the 680. But yea, checking some of the new benchmarks is the way to go.
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