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Hello, I have an HD 6770 video card and recently I have been having some problems with it. I have Asus Smart Doctor installed, and whenever I play Shogun 2 it alerts and tells me that the chipset fan is not working properly and that it may need replacement. I have had this build for a good 4 months now and have been playing games such as Rome total war and Medieval 2 without a hitch. The card itself never gets above 55 degrees Celsius, which I think is pretty good right? Is it just the program that is not working or do I need to add a better cooler to my card? Here is the link with the cards details, thanks in advance.
Also a note, I have a mid tower case with 4 fans mounted, so I don't think case heat is a problem. However, I am a bit worried because the power supply is mounted to the bottom of the case, and the fan blows air up directly to the video card, which is blowing air directly down to the power supply. To make matters worse, I have an intake fan blowing slightly above this weird setup, but when I move it the video card starts overheating again (according to Asus smart doctor, it says the chipset fan isn't working properly). One fan is mounted to the front (intake) and the other two are in the back along the back left corner of the case, and both these are exhaust.
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  1. HD 6770 , that card shouldn't produce that much heat
  2. SR-71 Blackbird said:
    HD 6770 , that card shouldn't produce that much heat

    So your saying that the 55 degrees Celsius is too high and the card is malfunctioning?
  3. 55 is not bad at all.
  4. 55 isnt bad haha but if your worried there are aftermarket coolers you can buy for the cards
  5. 55 is actually good for the 6770...but as kmgilbert said, if your worried, but it's not the case to be, you could buy an aftermarket cooler...
  6. The only reason I'm worried is because Asus SmartDoc keeps popping up and telling my "my VGA chipset fan isn't functioning properly," even though the rig itself never goes above 55C
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