GTX 480 on Asus m2n SLi deluxe .. WORKS ?

Hey there :)

i want to upgrade my video card from GTX 275 oc to GTX 480 my spes :

Asus m2n SLi deluxe
amd phenom quad 9950 2.6
5gb ddr2
600w psu codgen :pt1cable: not that bad

i'm afraid that the gtx 480 will not work on my old mobo .... the gtx 275 works perfectly tho .. runs gr8 np
any thoughts ? :D thx

i can upgrade my psu np but i need to know that the gtx 480 have no problem with my old m2n sli ... :p thx

sry for my english hehe ^^
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  1. your board definately suport the 480. pulled the specs here:
    it has a nice 16x pcie 2.0 lane so you're in the clear

    as for your psu, 600w is enough for a 480, but codegen PSUs are from Powmax which are considered the worst psus in the market (arguably). definately change to a corsair or seasonic or something. otherwise 600 or 650w is enough
  2. thx :) btw m2n sli have pci 1.1 not 2 xD but it works anyway
  3. yup, all PCIe slots are backwards compatible, so you can really put any card in there :)
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