FX 8350 or the 3770K

Hi im new to the forms and i was wondering will the AMD FX 8350 be better than the 3770K if i were to use it for converting, coding and decoding music and HD video as well as high end gaming with a tri crossfire HD 7970 Ghz edition graphics cards every thing will be cooled with a custom watercooling loop and im looking at 5 Ghz + on the cpu
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    Well even 5 Ghz watercooled is a big task for the i7 3770k, if you care about benchmarks then in this world of Intel Optimized Everything go with the i7 3770k. If you do not mind being a few % slower not that you will notice than the 8350 is amazing for its price.
  2. Since you asked if the 8350 will be better; definitely not. Will it suit your needs? As long as you don't care for winning every benchmark out there (or in other words if you are fine with losing against the same system with an I7); yes it will.
  3. i7 3770k > FX 8350
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  5. Thanks for the help guys
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