Cannot repair Win7

So, I've been having a load of problems with my PC. Here's a thread for the previous stuff:

TL;DR: I can't log in anymore - Windows 7 gets stuck somewhere along the way.

I figured I should repair Win7 with my installation discs and that's what I tried to do. However, when I try to do that the system says - and I'm roughly translating: "This system's version of restoration settings is not compatible with the version of Windows you are trying to repair. Try a restoration disc compatible with this version of Windows."

I don't understand how this can be. I'm definite that this is the disc I used to install my Windows 7 a few months back. Anyone having the same problem?

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  1. Win 7 doesnt have a repair from the disk capability like XP did

    Microsoft decided that left the door open to people "borrowing" the OS

    So a clean install is your only option .

    If you have files to save then the best way is probably to boot from a live linux distribution in the dvd drive and transfer files to an external hard drive via USB
  2. Oh, really? Why is there a "repair PC"-button when booting from the installation disc, then?

    Well, luckily I have Linux already. Time to back up!
  3. You can do a repair of Win 7

    but only if you can boot in to win 7 in the first place
    so effectively its useless for people in your situation
  4. I see! Thanks for your input!
  5. I read the old thread, the problem exists between a bad usb port, a bad driver, or a bad usb to ethernet adaptor. I'd try to plug it into a new usb port first, then i would try a new adaptor. If a new, different adaptor with its own driver still causes the same problem, then it is a Windows conflict.

    P.S. verify that the driver in use matches the bits of your OS. 32 or 64.

    If you can get past the updates and to a login screen, but can't successfully login; try uninstalling and 3rd party (non-microsoft) anti-virus or firewall whilist in safe-mode. You can reinstall either after a successful reboot, but these mixed with new windows updates can cause freezes/BSODs on start-up.
  6. I did all of the above and removing the Anti-virus software worked! For some reason I even had two of them.

    So, I logged in and tried connecting to the Internet with my USB dongle. It was somehow corrupted so I re-installed and it worked - no BSODs whatsoever.

    I updated Windows - Microsoft Visual C++ update still didn't update and I don't even get why it's supposedly such an important update.

    I booted again, went to Device Manager and told the PC to look for a LAN Driver. It did that and I can finally connect to the Internet!

    Thanks you all for your input! Now, I hope I won't get anymore problems for a while. I've had plenty for this year. : )

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