Powering an 8800GT without a 6 pin connector

I recently bought a refurbished computer (HP dc5800). Of course, it came without a graphics card. So, to make it possible for me to at least play SOME games, I purchased a used MSI 8800GT 512MB, stock overclocked (http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814127311). Since I am somewhat of a noob, when it comes to upgrading computer parts, I did not know I would need a 6-pin connector to power it. The open connectors coming from my power supply are 2x SATA plugs, 1x molex plug, a very small white plug, and a bar-like black plug (another like it is connected to my hdd).

What I've been reading, is to get the molex-to-6-pin connector, but most of them require two molex plugs. Is there a connector out there that would make use of my single molex and multiple SATA connectors to power a six-pin connector?

Also, could I use the card without the 6 pin connector plugged in and only have the card connected to the PCIE port?

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  1. Replace the power supply and trust me it is worth it having something better than the stock unit. Far to many HP units have ended up needing new power supplies due to quality issues. A new unit that is high quality is not only good for upgrading but good for everything else that is there due to there being more stable current.
  2. I already tried purchasing a better PSU. The case takes a non-standard size and does not provide mounting for a standard PSU, which is why I'm trying to find another way to do it.

    Plus, in my experience, people make way too big of a deal over power supplies. I had an eMachines stock PSU with the best graphics available at the time and I never had a problem.

    So, alternatives to buying a new power supply only.
  3. Help your self that is all you can do. Might as well ditch it and get a 9800gt eco edition as there is still loads of them on amazon.
  4. I found a 2x SATA to 6pin connector on Amazon that did the trick. Everything's running perfectly on the stock PSU (365W) after putting the system through a six hour stress test.
  5. Well, if you wanted, you could get a new power supply, and a new cheap case to go with it. Just re-mount the board and power supply in the new case.

    How could a case that fits an 8800GT not fit a standard power supply is my question.
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