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Hello, I have a Intel 3570K with a CoolerMaster V8 and a ASRock Extreme4 Z77 LGA 1155 and I selected the 4.4 turbo preset overclocking option in the UEFI. It idles at 29 celcius in the UEFI, but after 5 minutes in windows, it hangs and I get a BSOD that says clock_watchdog_timeout. Is this a problem? I've seen other threads where a 4.4 Ghz preset OC is not a problem. The system runs completely fine without the OC.
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  1. a bit of internet research told me that this may be a software and a hardware issue at the same time. apparently you must update windows as there is probably a hotfix for this. you can also try flashing your BIOS to the latest update and check if that resolves your issue.
    for reference: http://www.sevenforums.com/crash-lockup-debug-how/63501-stop-0x101-clock_watchdog_timeout-troubleshtg.html
  2. I have a 3570k and an asrock extreme6. Don't use those presets, they are lazy and unstable. Use this guide to overclock.
  3. I'll just stick to non-overclocked as of now. The 3570K can already max out most modern games. :)
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