Random shutdowns on a new build - help!

Hi All :) My first time posting on here...

I've recently built myself a new PC (details below) and i'm having some problems with it randomly turning itself off sometimes.

Intel i7-3770K
Asus P8Z77-V Pro
8Gb (2 x 4GB) G.Skill Trident X
EVGA GTX 670 2Gb
Antec High Current Pro 750 Watt

The problem I have is as follows:

I can run the PC for browsing, document creation, etc just fine (all 2D stuff)... it's as soon as 3D gets involved that the problem seems to occur.

I've got Minecraft installed and Skyrim (for problem diagnosis)... I can run either of these games for varying amounts of time, sometimes for as little as 1 second or as long as 15 mins, then all of a sudden the power to the PC is just cut, then comes back on again a few seconds later (I've no surge protection on the plugs).

I think it's the motherboard doing the power cutting and as such there's no logs for me to look at as to why it's doing so.

I've ran memory tests to rule out bad RAM, i've run GPU tests to rule out anything obviously wrong with the graphics card but nothing is making itself obvious as to the cause. I did have an issue where the GPU seemed to be pulling too much current from one of the rails on the PSU (the motherboard cut the power because it thought there was a surge) but i've fixed that now by using 6pin connectors from 2 different rails.

All temps are within acceptable ranges so it's no an overheating issue.

Basically, what i'm asking is if anyone has any ideas what might be the cause?

Many thanks in advance to anyone who replies :D
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  1. i got a single rail unit to avoid overloading a single rail.

    did you connect the power cord fully into the psu? i sometimes lost power due to that

    did you connect the CPU 8 pin properly?
  2. Yep, I've checked the connections on the PSU end and on the GPU/Motherboard end to make sure it was all firmly connected.

    The system runs fine for hours and hours if I stay out of anything which uses the GPU...
  3. its probably a bad card. do you have another system to test it out if it works?
  4. Yep... I was thinking about that..

    I've stress testing the GPU using Furmark for several hours though and it was stable... would that not cause the issue to show?
  5. it should but it only makes the GPU run at 100% load
  6. Right... i've tried my old 500W PSU in the new PC and it runs perfectly all the time.

    Guess it was the new PSU being all weird. I've contacted the supplier and am going to RMA it.

    Thanks for your advice :D
  7. no problem
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