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Recently I installed a GTX 660 onto my computer, went through well but on some games i found the computer completely shutting off. After I had contacted support they either told me it was the cpu or the PSU. But now the computer won't even boot up right. Upon booting it, I can either run the repair tool, which ends on a black screen, or run it normally in which the "Windows is starting" appears but stops there. Same stuff on the advanced boot options menu, even safe mode hangs on loading when loading up system files. When I put in my boot disk and try running it, it loads the files but then hits a black screen. Do I need to replace my power supply? Or is it something else?

The power supply is a ATX-TL500W-BK

P.S. I did the same with my original graphics card, and same behavior
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  1. That video cards takes 2 6 pin PCIe power connectors to run it. Did you have those connections with that 500w PSU? If not, your PSU may have been overwhelmed.
  2. Not for a while, but would you say these symptoms are due to an overwhelmed PSU?
  3. Does your power supply have 2 PCIe connectors? It sounds like your PSU is not able to run your system with that video card.
  4. You need to have one PCIe 6-pin power connector from your power supply to power the GTX 660 graphics card.

    According to this: http://www.legitreviews.com/article/1762/4/

    You don't have that necessary connector to power your graphics card when the power consumption reaches over 53%.
  5. After a lot troubleshooting I had decided to open up the BIOS settings since that was the only thing that appeared to be working, reset the settings to default; and it worked like a charm :bounce: . But the shutting off is still a problem, I certainly hooked the PSU and the graphics card with something successfully since its working. However I still have no idea whats shutting it off, maybe I should dust out the fan inside the power supply?? :heink: I'm getting this idea since I turned off the over-ride on my gpu fan (since its not the culprit), and it seemingly been able to run a little longer.
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