AMD FX-8350 with ASUS 970


I want to know detailed specifications of AMD FX-8350 CPU, mainly FSB & Turbo frequency for all cores enabled at a time(as per i know usually AMD turbo frequency means the frequency when 4 cores are enabled out of 8). I want to buy ASUS M5A97 EVO R2.0 Motherboard for it to do Virtualization. so i want to know its chipset's (AMD 970) FSB also.

And i have a difficulty to find out any authentic manuals for the CPU & the chipset so that i can trust the documents? i searched a lot for specifications but each document has different specifications. So can anyone help me on that?

Here are the links:




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  1. Does this provide what you are needing? AMD calls their FSB Hyper Transport. It is rated at 2600MHZ. That relates to 5200MHZ due to it being bi-directional.

    Here are the MB specs:

    The 900 series chip sets all are HT 3.0 compatible to run at the rated speed of the FX processors' HT.
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