Why does it take my brandnew custom built computer so long to load up?

So i just built a new computer. i have 8gb of RAM, and the only thing that isnt new is my harddrives. Im running 2 500 gb Harddrives. When i start u the computer the very first screen is an MSI motherboard screen and it stays theres for ATLEAST 5 minutes, then when it passes that it states on the loading windows screen for 2 to 3 minutes. It totally shouldnt be taking this long right? my processor and Mother board are : mother board: MSI 760GM, AMD FX 4100 quad core 3.6Ghz. What could be causing this incredibly slow start up??
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  1. It sounds like your motherboard is doing a memory test on boot. Try looking in your motherboard user manual for information on a memory test feature and how to disable it. If you have installed 8 GB of ram, it would take a decent chunk of time to test all of the memory. Other than this, installing your OS onto an SSD would decrease load times after bios boot.

  2. Yes other than memory test it could be some of the hardware that the motherboard does not like or is doing other extensive tests. As suggested by RedFromWinter I would go to your motherboard manual or check BIOS settings, etc... You could also contact MSI if you can't find anything. Did you also flash to the latest version?
  3. Unplug both drives, see if it freezes. If not, plug in 1, see if it freezes, if not, unplug that one and plug in the other one, see if it freezes. I bet it's related to one of the HD's and doing a simple test like above will help you determine that, and if so, which HD.
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