Having issues with new system, please help.

Hello friends. Here are my specs, almost three weeks old: http://pcpartpicker.com/p/cBX5

Temps are pretty good, GPU only getting to about 50°C, CPU only going around 40°C, and this is while playing Skyrim, and or Fallout 3/NV. Plenty of breathing room.

And now my problem. The computer starts up fine and nice. Desktop going idle is stable enough. However playing Skyrim for about 5 minutes will crash the computer, accompanied by an obnoxiously loud buzzing noise from speakers. Watching YouTube videos for about five minutes will also crash the computer, either by resetting it or freezing it accompanied by loud buzzing noise from speakers. I can surf the internet a bit longer, but it will crash.

I have to do a hard reset to get it going again. Boots up fine, rinse and repeat. I'm not sure where to start looking to be honest. I was thinking RAM, but then yesterday I booted the desktop and heard what sounded like a fan having trouble, or something. Sounded bogged down. Now I'm thinking it might be GPU. But I have no idea. All I know is that I'm getting increasingly frustrated. I made sure all of my drivers were up to date as well.

I would definitely appreciate some guidance. Thanks guys.
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  1. Never heard of that brand for power supplies i would definitly RMA and go with something like tx650 or something like that
  2. Would that constitute as solution to the problem, or are you kind of throwing that out there? Just curious.
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