HD 6850 or HD 7770 GHz Edition?

Hi there! Just in case you might have seen my posts before, I have been continuing my research towards a new GPU. So far I've been looking at a 6850, but I thought perhaps a 7770 GHz might do the trick. Any thoughts?
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  1. need some information please, what is your current PSU?
  2. 500W
  3. 6850 is alittle faster but 7770 is more efficient
    (6850 need 127w and 7770 need 80w)
  4. If you're planning on gaming the HD6850 is the one I'd go with, some models are only $10 more but you'll get the benefit of a much better gaming experience, assuming your gaming at higher resolutions than 720P
  5. definitely gaming and at 1600x900
  6. i say go for the hd 6850
    the bigger bus width will allow you to ramp anti-aliasing
    the hd 7770s 128bit bus will choke on aa at higher resolutions!
  7. 6850 is faster. which 500w psu you got?
  8. I had the 6850 for a week and hated it. Ended up buying a 6950 instead (before 7-series launch - too bad you can't find them cheap anymore). It's not a bad card but this far into 2012 it's inefficient and a little lacking in features compared to 7-series cards.

    The other thing to watch out for is going to be channel availability later on this year and next. It might be very expensive to buy another 6850 to crossfire vs. definitely being able to purchase another 7770 for even cheaper than what it is priced at now.
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