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Hello, I just bought a new dedicated graphics card for my Dell 3000 computer that has an onboard graphics card on it. The graphics card is a pci card and it is an nvidia fx 5500 series. I installed it and updated the drivers for it, but when I plug the monitor cable in the monitor remains blank. The onboard graphics card still puts out a display. It says it is working properly, but there is no display. Do I have to disable the onboard graphics or change the settings to use it as the main display adapter. The computer recognizes the card and says the device is working properly. Any help or advice would greatly be appreciated. Thanks, Ted.
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  1. you have to disble the onboard graphics on the bios, and start te the pc with the monitor pluged in to the graphics card
  2. Should I disable the onboard graphics, then shut down and start the pc with the monitor plugged into the new card. Thanks.
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