How do i know if a video card is compatible with my motherboard

I have a Dell Inspiron N5030 and i need a Nvidia Geforce 8600GT to run ARMA II but im not sure if its compatible with my computer and im not about to waste 70 bucks on it to find out it doesnt work.
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  1. you need to find out if you have a PCI-express x16 slot. af if you do check to see if its 1.0 or not, as some 1.0 motherboards have a tiny bit of compatibility problems. 2.0/2.1/3.0 are usually universally compatible
  2. im having trouble finding the info you said i need
  3. mobos will have either a cmos reset button or a battery you can remove and reinsert to reset the cmos

    edit:L wrong thread lol
  4. umm is there a way i can just look it up? ive been looking at various websites but none of them say whether or not the N5030 has a PCI-express x16 slot
  5. When I google "Dell Inspiron N5030" it comes up with a laptop which you cannot upgrade.
  6. woops. my post was for the wrong thread, but if thats a laptop, yes you will not be able to upgrade gpu because gpus are usually soldered onto the motherboard.
  7. So what should i do? i want to play ARMA (not to mention many other games) but apparently i cant upgrade. I dont have any money and my parents wont fund an expensive computer. Any suggestions on what computer is cheap but also has a good graphics card?
  8. What is your budget? Could you possibly sell that laptop for some more cash?
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