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Hello, I have recently been looking to upgrade my current Dell inspiron 660 i3-2120 Mid-tower system to something more powerful/versatile. I do light gaming, nothing too extreme, but i want a machine that will be able to handle whatever i throw at it. I do everyday computing, such as web surfing, small applications nothing too demanding. The question i have is, will my motherboard, which CPUZ says is a Dell 0XR1GT, B75 Chipset be able to handle a 3rd Gen I5 or I7 processor, and if i even need it. I also am wondering if it would be possible or worthwhile of simply upgrading to a new motherboard but keeping the insides, such as media card reader, DVD drive, CPU, Hard drive and OS, etc. Like i said, i am not trying to build a spefic machine geared towards gaming or video/photo editing, but i still want a pretty decent powerful all around system. I just don't know if i am able to easily upgrade the CPU, or just swap the Motherboard keeping the components. Anyhelp would be great. Thanks
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  1. I use that cpu and I wouldn't upgrade at all for your system usage. The quad core i5 and i7's give off more heat, so I would post this in the dell forum if you still want to use one. Dells aren't that easy to upgrade, and your windows coa will have to be changed if you use a non dell motherboard. Same for the heatsink.
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