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Pentium temp under load too high?

So i recent brought an asus laptop and the cpu idles are 45-50c which is fine but when i start pressuring it (using runescape max graphics ) at it hits about 85% load the temperature stays at low 70s celsius and eventually after 5 hours of game play will hit 75. It has hit 76 celsius once but barely ever so not really important atm.

the processor is a sandy bridge pentium b980 dual core. So is this temperature okay or should I buy a cooling or something and hope it cools down.

Its brand new a just over a week old so i know it hasn't collected much dust or anything and the fan is working at 100% since i set the fan to active cooling . So i dont think the stock fan has too much dust and needs compressed air cleaning just yet.

i using core temp and hw monitor to check my temperatures and both give very similar results ( both have reached 76 but not higher).

The voltage if thats important is about 1.19v and the cpu is getting 23.1 watts max when running at 85% load.
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    You are fine, it is a little hot but not thermal throttling.
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