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Will I notice a difference? i7 3770 vs. i5 2500K

I've been using the i5 2500K for a little over 16 months now, and so far, I'm not that impressed. I don't know if I did something wrong in the installation, or what. I was considering going to the i7 3770. I have a few questions.

How big of a difference will I see in gaming?
Will my current MB be sufficient for the 3770?
Is there a better option (for either a chip or a motherboard or both)?
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    If your not impressed by a 2500k then you will not be impressed at all by 3770.

    Over clock it to 4.5 if you havent already.

    If you werent impressed at gaming your last CPU was probably not your bottleneck, get a better video card.

    I think your motherboard is fine as long as you have a bios update that supports the 3770.

    Your best upgrade in regards to gaming is a video card.
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