6850 DVI + HDMI?

Sup guys,

Basically, broke the mini display port inside my 6850 last night. Now i'm a monitor down, can I run 3 monitors using the 2 DVI's and HMDI instead of using the 2 DVI's and Mini display port?

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  1. You sure can. I used that config on my 6870 CF setup I used to have.
  2. Thanks for the rapid response dude! And thanks for the info, will be ordering a converter in a sec :)
  3. Not a problem. Best Answers are always appreciated ;)
  4. Is anyone actually running a 6850 with 3 monitors using 2 DVI ports and the HDMI? I've done a bit more research and some places are saying you can't do it. I've ordered a hdmi -> DVI adapter, so I'm gonna test it tomorrow, just wondering if anyone else could shed some light on the situation :)

  5. Anyone? :D
  6. Bump - Need more advice! Still unsure!
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