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Amd vs nvidia drivers

I can understand this will be opinionated but i want to know how most people feel about this

i'm looking for a video card and truthfully i want the least amount of problems when i am building my next budget pc.

i've been buying amd/ati cards for years mostly because they usually hit me with a good price to performance ratio

but usually find their drivers lacking(i usually get annoying problems).

i am considering going nvidia this time around since i usually hear that they have better driver support, but those were times long past and i'm not sure if it still hold true.

so how you people feel? does nvidia typically(i say typically as i know their will be flops and mistakes) have better driver support?
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  1. Both companies have their share of problems. The latest couple of Catalyst releases have all been problematic, but the 12.7 beta is quite a bit better than anything released in the past 6 months. Since they're no longer forcing their release schedule I expect to see some improvements in the near future.
  2. NVIDIA drivers are better than AMD.
  3. xtreme5 said:
    NVIDIA drivers are better than AMD.
    I agree but this is a bad thread to have started OP your going to cause a bunch of non sense lol
  4. hahahahaha. I was considering that too.
  5. Yup, already started.
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    We aren't playing this game this morning, i don't feel like banning anyone today.
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