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Hi. Me and a friend are trying to build a pc. These are the specs.
Corsair 400R
ASUS Intel Z68 LGA 1155 P8Z68-V LX (manual)
Intel i5 2500

We have installed all the parts (cpu, drives, ram, gpu, heatsink) into the places they need to go without any problems, but now we're stuck at wiring everything to the motherboard/psu. We really have no idea where to go from where we are now. We're afraid to just plug stuff in where it looks like it should go. If you need more information to help us, just ask.
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  1. Nothing is plugged in at all?
    Install psu in the mounting bracket(if any)
    24pin connector to motherboard
    12V connector to motherboard
    6pin pci connector (and 8pin if necessary) to graphics card.
    L shaped plug to hard drive
    4 pin plug to DVD drive
    Plug in 4 pin case fan if it applies.
  2. Almost all cable connections are usually shaped, or keyed to prevent them from being plugged into the wrong location/device. As the old adage goes, "if the shoe fits", there are some small exceptions but you should not have to worry about it
  3. Are there any lights, posts? Try powering on via motherboard button.

    And, one important question. Did you use standoffs for the motherboard?

    Here are some useful links:

    Putting together a PC:

    To test a PSU:
  4. ds, techmo's how-to sticky is very good.

    There are serious problems with the "To test a PSU" link.
    It can tell you if the PSU is dead. But it really cannot tell you if the PSU is good.

    It cannot check all of the output voltages and it cannot check to see if the PSU can can provide its full (or anywhere near) rated output power. It also cannot check the PowerGood control signal that the CPU needs to boot.

    All it tells you is that the PSU can produce enough 12 volt power to run a fan.

    Front panel wiring:
    The two LED's and switches have polarity markings on the motherboard front panel connections. Polarity of the switches do not matter. For the LED's, the white wire generally goes to the "-" terminal of the appropriate pair. If an LED does not work, simply reverse the connector in its socket. Connecting an LED backwards will not damage it. It simply will not work.

    Most other connectors are keyed. However, USB2, Firewire (1394), and RS232 (COM1) all use the same type of 9 pin connector. Read the motherboard labels carefully.

    Front panel audio connectors: You case will probably have two different connectors daisy chained to the end of the wiring. The one on the end of the cable is usually for the older AC'97 audio. The other is for HD audio. All newer motherboards support HDA. I tie the AC97 connector and the extra wiring back to the audio cable.
  5. K. We've plugged in the 8 pin power cable, the 24 pin power cable, the 6 pin pci-e, case fans, hard drive, ssd, sata cables, front panel wires, hd audio, usb 2.0. When we flipped the switch on our psu, the motherboard leds lit up. When we hit the power switch, nothing happened. Fans weren't spinning at all. And yes, the standoffs came preinstalled.

    Is our CPU dead? Did we forget something?

    Do the front panel wires connect only to the motherboard?

    Is our PSU too weak? I remember reading that we needed 600W or more. This thing says that it only provides 550W of continuous power, with a 650W peak.

    Any help would be appreciated.
  6. unplug everything except the CPU and try to boot again.
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