Xeon E3-1245 3.3ghz bottlenecking GTX 670?


2 weeks ago I upgraded from a GTX 560TI to an Asus GTX 670 in order to play Far Cry 3 on high-ultra.

While the upgrade definitely improved performance.. (going from medium @ 35fps to high @ 60fps) the upgrade is not as good as I expected. Textures and rendering is horrid and not what I see when I watch youtube videos of people playing Far Cry 3 @ 1080p on a GTX 670 on high settings. Also I can barely OC my 670 to 1150 Mhz boost.

So do you think a CPU upgrade is needed?

For a bit more detail, I am playing with MSAA off; Direct X 11; High Settings; HDAO enabled.
I have an Antec Elevenhundred case loaded up with fans with 2 Corsair AF120 on the side panel.

Thanks in advance.
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  1. Well a Xeon CPU is designed for running servers and rendering videos, whereas Intel's other processors such as the i5 are designed for gaming and normal use. So upgrading your processor should give you better FPS whilst gaming.
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