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I am posting this under computer shops and bad support.

Being a frequent customer of online computer shops, I constantly search for the best products, cheapest and flat rate S&H and close stores (shorter delivery time).

I found this store It’s a cheesy site, poor graphics, poor quality site and whatever, but I figured hey, its cheap. First I bought a few parts from them here and there. Most were fine (that I remember). Then I decided to buy a system for them for a relative. I didn’t have the time to build one. It was cheap enough so I did it. I also read their refund guarantee statement which stated systems have full returns within 30 days.

A couple of months ago I ordered a duron 600 with gigabyte mboard and 64MBPC133 ram, 8x4x burner (advertised with adaptec) software etc. I spoke to the salesperson on the phone to confirm that the chip was indeed duron because the mboard they paired with the system was the gigabyte 71X clearly a slot A, not socket A. I mention this because after my relative got the computer, they had a problem wit some minor crashes and the 8x cd-rw drive not burning above 2x. I went over there to check it out and I loaded software to test the functionality of the system (winamp, office2000, netzero etc.) I popped open the tower and low and behold, a slot A Athlon. I checked the ram, and a clear white sticker saying PC100 appeared. On top of that, they had the nerve to send an illegally copied version of adaptec software with the system. Coupled with the burner and stability problems, I arranged for them to return that P.O.S. system and they did.

Several weeks later, they got their tower back. I haven’t been able to get there to confirm the new configuration, but they continue to have crashing problems. The cd-rw is about the only thing they have fixed. My relative complains about it crashing several times in a row, not being able to run ANY programs reliably. He experiences crash after crash and reboot failures, leading to overall refusal to boot. He’s on the verge of destroying that computer with his bare hands.

I’ve called the company several times to try to arrange a return but they claim that the 30 days has passed. I tell them that the reason the 30 days has passed is because they took most of that time to fixed THEIR ORIGINAL PROBLEMS. I think this is ridiculous. DO NOT PURCHASE FROM THIS STORE. Someone, please help me. I guess im guilty of being stupid for buying from that cheesy a** site. Can someone please tell me how to get a refund or something? What legal action can I take? Is there any way I can get money back? Boycott their store. Perhaps you all can order their products and then refuse delivery and have them waste shipping. My relatives are pissed. I’m pissed. Be pissed with me. Thanx for your time.
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  1. If they are adverising one thing and sending you another thing I do believe that is a felony. If I were you I'd talk to the Better Business Bureau and file a complaint for false advertisement among other things. Thier website is:

    Let me know what happens.

  2. I would have to second the BBB option. Make sure you have all your guns lined up nice and neat. Do not leave the accused company any loopholes.
  3. im curious does it actually say in their warranty details you get warranty on repairs. I know the firm i work for (compaq) does have these specifications. Also if yuo dont get what yuo order i.e. if you can prove what yuo ordered and what yuo actually recieved yuo have a strong case.

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  4. BBB will not do much for you however how was the item shipped? Was it shipped usps? If so file a postal fraud claim form i carries a bit more clout than a complaint with the bbb. You can download a copy of the usps website

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  5. I hope you ordered it through a credit card company. If you call your credit card company up and tell them the situation they canprobably fix the problem. Online companies especially are afraid that they might lose there ability to accept credit cards and will bend over backwards if Visa or Mastercard is mad at them.

    I hope this helps....
  6. unfortunitly a lawyer wouldn't touch a false advertising suite unless you got a lot more people makeing the same claims, I would take a metophorical E-brick and smash it into there stores E-window. I feel your pain.
  7. you know what i dont buy off line i goto computer shows. where they only have good honest people selling stuff to me. - i only shop market pro shows

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  8. Your very next call should be to:

    Office of Consumer Affairs, (your state) Attorney Generals Office, located in your state's Capital. My mother works for this office here in New Hampshire and I can tell you she gets a lot of people a lot of refunds, even when the company has said, "no way!" for months. The AG's office has teeth and they are not afraid to use them.

    You will need to complete an official complaint form describing the incident and all contacts/communications you have had with the company. You should include ALL expenses including your TIME, SHIPPING, Etc... This call should be made to the AG's office in the state where the CONSUMER lives. They will not help a business, but they do help individual consumers. 'Bait and Switch' is totally illegal and they will take the steps to get you your refund.

    If any of the transaction was done by mail (they sent you a bill via mail, or a reciept by mail) your next call should be to the United States Post Office. Yup... If anything relative to this transaction was mailed, guess what.. It now falls into the "Mail Fraud" category. That's a $10,000 fine PLUS up to 10 Years in jail for EACH offense (meaning every time they send a seperate bill, it is a new offense!) While not pretty, potential jail time definately gets a vendors attention.

    Additionally, you should check the copy of Windows that was loaded. If they pirated Adaptec software they may have pirated the OS too. In which case, you can contact Microsoft. They have a whole team of lawyers specifically for Piracy that will work with you to get you your money back (right after 20 of their lawyers walk in and shut down the company and drag the owners away in handcuffs!)

    Finally, you definately should advise Adaptec about the pirated software.... They may be of great assistance also.

    God help these clowns, they obviously have no idea how stupid it is to try to screw a consumer in the U.S.A.

    Happy Hunting!

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