Cars with the Best tech?

Which car or manufacturer has the best technology both for performance (engine, cpu, gearbox, system, suspension) and for leisure (safety, entertainment, gps, cpu)?
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  1. nissan gtr
  2. I'm not an expert on cars but would imagine a japanese one.
  3. audi rs6
  4. 2008 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500KR

    There are a wide variety of special edition cars across all price ranges that would give the 2008 Cadillac XLR-V a run for its money and then some. The king of the heap is the 2008 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500KR, otherwise known as the "King of the Road." The 2008 GT500KR is the most powerful Mustang ever produced, with a 5.4L supercharged V8 making 540-horsepower backed by a 3.73:1 rear axle ratio.
  5. Slim shady he/she is not asking for the best american muscle car, he is asking for the most technlolgicaly advanced car because most muscle cars are the exact oposite of a tech car. for a tech car I would choose a Tramontara R basically a street legat f1 car with a roof form spain, also rollys royce/Bmw who share infotainment systems are great. porsches are great and the absolute best was this special edition Masarti or Maybach (forget which) had two touch screen computers in the pack seat with broadband,DVD-ROM drive, bluetooth keyboards with some nice specs, with some mods you could be chaffured to work while you play crysis on high settings in back + this is not custom :)
  6. I'm not sure if your asking what car today has the best technology, or what we think was the most innovative car at a specific time period? When I think of a car with great tech, the old 87-88 Tbird jumps into mind. Why such an old car? Well, back in the day, the 87-88 Thunderbird Turbo Coupe had some very impressive technology at the time, with 4 wheel anti-lock brakes (one of the first cars in America to have it), 4 wheel disk brakes, "quad shock" solid rear axle with limited slip differential, 5 speed "world class" manual transmission, 2.3L overhead cam 4 cylinder sequential fuel injected, turbocharged, intercooled engine, and an electronic suspension that changed shock/strut dampening from "soft" to "firm" based on g-force, braking pressure, acceleration, and speed. Interiors featured full analogue gauges along with boost gauge, six way power seats with Recaro-like adjustable side bolsters, lumbar adjustment, and adjustable forward tilt headrests. Options included six speaker stereo system with graphic equalizer, moonroof, electronic climate control, autolamp/autodim, electronic tripminder with fuel economy, keyless entry keypad, and of course your standard PW/PL/tilt/cruise. And finally, the "aero" look that Ford initiated in 1986 with the ford Taurus, consisting of flush headlamps and flush fitting side glass. In all, it was quite high-tech for it's time, and easily won the motortrend car of the year award in 1987.
  7. The processor of car is called ECU(which control from GPS and A/C ... to ESP and AntiBlockSys and air intake and fuel injection ... )
    I didnt ride Nissan GTR but it is surrounded by technology ,like how much gforce induct to your body in corners.
  8. ^ :lol: IIRC, the ECUs are still only 16 bit. I think it's time we use Intel Atoms for the ECU :lol:
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  10. lexus 460 it damn near drives itself..
  11. Look at Mercedes S Class or a BMW 7 series, I know the former definately normally has technology about 5 years in advance to most other cars.
  12. Shadow703793 said:
    ^ :lol: IIRC, the ECUs are still only 16 bit. I think it's time we use Intel Atoms for the ECU :lol:

    Really?? Personally I'll take something a little more tested and qualified. The Space Shuttle seems to manage truly out of this world things on a 386SX.
  13. Call me old-fashioned, but I think that the best cars are those without all the tech. I want to be driving the car by myself, not have skynet driving it for me.

    Feel the tires caress the road and become one with the machine.....
  14. I'd say it all depends on the tech. Having all of the nifty electronics is cool, but do you really want to be driving what is effectively a Pentium processor with wheels in the same neighbourhood a mad scientist is experimenting with electromagnetic pulses?

    Having said that, the Fuel-Stratified Injection tech that Audi is playing with these days is a very cool development.
  15. Well for me Mercedes Benz is the best car among all if you look at the technology used in manufacturing the car.Its the superb car for feeling relaxing and luxurious driving.
  16. AMG, they can do mind blowing things witha range of turbo-, supercharged or naturally aspirated engines, while offering a supple ride, but with plenty of technology on hand to rescue you whenambition outstrips talent.
  17. liquidsnake718 said:
    Which car or manufacturer has the best technology both for performance (engine, cpu, gearbox, system, suspension) and for leisure (safety, entertainment, gps, cpu)?

    German manufacturers like BMW and Mercedes. I'd go with porsche for performance, but I'm not sure where they are in terms of safety and entertainment...they are mostly track cars.

    I've dug into many vehicles and I tend to see german made cars like BMW's and Mercedes far ahead of other manufacturers in terms technology, safety, and performance terms go. Thats a big part of why I'm a die hard BMW fanatic. (nonbiased though, I have good reason).
  18. It's easily the S series from mercedes. Look at a new one and you'll see what regular cars will have for options in 5-10 years. In 1991 they had rear parking markers and self closing doors. Hell 1999 they had ventilated seats. If I remember it was one of the first vehicles with traction control as well.
  19. I always buy Infiniti so I will
    no company has the best tech the better companies tend to use more high tech
    currently car companies are not all embracing hightech solutions
    American GM has the highest tech car vette
    Asian Nissan dominates GTR
    Europe I say Mercedes, Porsche ,BMW and Audi all employ latest tech solutions
    manufacturing tech Audi / volks

    to round it all up
    GTR puts good use to the latest tech
    in fact I would say they dominate
    like wise Infiniti does a great job with the tech while maintaining reliability and durability
  20. What technical knowledge do you have on vehicles to base your opinion on? How much do you know about engineering put behind modern day cars to make generalizations like that?
  21. Well to make an argument for mercedes the new s class is supposedly going to have an autonomous driving feature as an option. That is pretty high tech. Here's a link for it:
    As per the vette being high tech I don't see that. I am impressed on some of the materials they had used like compressed balsa wood for the floor but I feel that a car cannot be high tech if it still uses a pushrod engine.The GTR I would put in my top ten because the launch control they use is really impressive. Have any of you seen the Ferrari FF AWD system? That is a crazy setup for a car. I've seen lots of diesels run Hydraulic systems like that but the front transmission setup is trick. Then of course that LFA engine is an engineering marvel. The way that thing revs is unreal.
  22. Quote:

    The GTR I would put in my top ten because the launch control they use is really impressive.

    Thats not high tech...thats a combination of good tires, AWD, and allowing the turbos to build boost before getting into gear. Porsche has very similar launch technology.


    Then of course that LFA engine is an engineering marvel. The way that thing revs is unreal.

    Thats not a marvel or high tech either...thats just a combination of a very light flywheel, and pistons with connecting rods. Its very light components allow it gain revs quickly when not in gear. Not to mention since its a screen, not an arrow, it responds quicker electronically to your throttle inputs. I would not consider any of that "amazing marvel or tech"...just improvements.

    The cars that truely show the future of what will eventually step down into road cars are Formula 1 cars...they are truly marvels of engineering. Also, check out a Wankel or rotory engine...seems interesting. It produces the same power as a regular piston engine with a fraction of the displacement.
  23. Are you really saying that the LFA V10 is not impressive? That engine weighs less than their 3.5l V6. They designed it with a 72 degree bank for balance. It exeeds Euro V emission regulations. Yes their are other engines with similar things but none that are to that level of sophistication. That constitutes an engineering marvel too me. Also yes porsches use a similar launch control so I agree with you there. As to the formula one cars I thought we were talking production cars and of course multi million dollar race cars are going to have the best of the best. With the wankel I agree it's a cool engine because of the power to displacement but they are gas pigs. Also if you know many people who have owned one they do not have a long life. Mazda coudn't even get them to pass the latest emission regulations as well.
    I have worked on prototype diesels in my line of work and have seen the engineering gone in to those. When I see a V10 that can go from idle to redline in less than a second that is impressive to me. I may not know everything but with being a journeyman HD mechanic for 10 years, working for a sprint car team for 2, doing multiple frame off restorations, and the most important thing of watching every episode of top gear means I know a few things.
  24. Haha, well I was not denying your knowledge, just respectfully challenging statements here and there, more of devils advocate just for the sake of it.

    If the LFA (Which I kind of thing is a *bit* overpriced) revs to redline in less than one second, it means lexus put massive amounts of research and dough into making the pistons, rods, and flywheel absurdly light so the engine can rev free on top of very efficient intake and exhaust systems. And that is surely an aspect of a proper racing engine, especially as it has a 9000rpm redline and 12:1 compression ratio...which I cannot fathom would not detonate on anything other than 93+ octane gas unless spark plug times were retarded significant levels or it runs or running a rich mixture. So I guess that could be considered impressive as the engine.

    Tell you what, if It came down to a choice between the two prime power-cars of Japan: The LFA and GTR...I would ultimately pick an LFA. Why?

    First off its much better designed, much more refined, its RWD, it has a much more sophisticated technology.

    The Nissan GTR is just a rich *ricers* car I think...its a car thats so simple.
    All Nissan did was make it AWD, whoop in a turbo, make ridiculously short gear ratios (for good 1/4's and 0-60mph) and call it day...then brag all day about 0-60 times...and 1/4 mile times. I'm almost sure it has the fraction of the LFA's handling and stability at higher speeds.
  25. I agree that the LFAs, Ferraris, Lambos etc. are supercars vs the GTR. I wouldn't get a GTR because it seems like it drives you. They almost make it idiot proof so where's the fun and pride of driving that. The GTR is quick though, especially when you consider the weight of it for a less than 3 second 0-60 time.
    As per the LFA being overpriced hell yes I agree with you. It's a sweet car but you can get an Aventador for the same price or less.
    Personally I think most sports cars are too focused on nurburgring and 0-60 times. By doing that they seem to be taking control away from the driver which in my eyes kills some of the enjoyment.
  26. Screw the aventador. This is the car to get:
    Finally actual specs.
  27. As I said before, GTR is quick due to AWD mainly. With AWD, you have practically perfect traction, you just rev it and floor it. On RWD you spin out if you did that the wrong way. Secondly, when you use Launch Control, it builds boost off the turbo's. Either way, I prefer NA engines.

    The Ferrari F12 looks like a mix of a 599GTO and 458 Italia. It'll also be a direct competitor to an Aventador, specs are very similar.
  28. Yeah after doing some research it's the traction control not the launch control that has made the biggest difference with the 2009 vs the 2010 GTR. I had a bit of a brain fart there. The 2009 GTRs used too have a lot of wheel hop and took out transmissions while launching which is why nissan voided the warranty for people using it. With the 2010 warranty is no longer voided because from what I understand they changed the programming of the traction control. Here's a link that explains a little bit:
    A lot of companies use the same thing with traction control enabled while using launch control. Supposedly it lets the tires slip a bit to get some heat then manages the brakes, throttle, and engine spark to provide the best traction. This is something I haven't really dealt with so I might not be totally accurate with it. I'm used to slapping in a 3500rpm stall converter as my launch control. God do I need a muscle car again.
  29. Meh, I'm not big on diesel engines. Good for driving, but not so good for performance. Very torqeuy engines, but operate at too low rpms for any useful horsepower.
  30. Yeah but the turbo concept is a cool idea. The only time I've ever seen a triple turbo was on a Subaru 2.2l and that was a very custom job. Diesels can be fast, my 2005 Dodge 2500 could smoke a lot of cars out there. Of course I did do the intake, exhaust, chip, injectors, and turbo. My favorite thing about that truck was the 21mpg I got out of it. I could go almost 1200 miles on a tank, 60 gallon custom tank of course. My apprentice now uses it because the company I work for bought it from me when I got a new one.
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