Help! My Seismic Edge sucks!

I need help guys.

As you might have seen in another post, I'm running a seismic edge, and I hate it. It's given me nothing but poor performance.

Anyway, when I started the computer this morning, I got the "Windows has detected a new device: Multimedia controller....etc" for the card, as well as the game port and one other soundcard related thing. I pointed the installer to the newest drivers from the philips website: didn't work. The drivers weren't recognized. I tried the old drivers from the installation CD: nothing.

So right now I have no sound.

Any ideas? Here's my rig:

Athlon 1.4
Ep0x 8k7a+
512 meg DDR Ram
IBM Deskstar 60 GB
Gainward GF3
The worthless Philips Seismic Edge

On another note, I'm seriously considering just pulling the piece of trash and buying a TB Montego card. I need to know if this is a good card for WIN2K. If you have it, and love it, but run win98, I don't care. I need WIN2K ppl who have the card to tell me 1) if it's good and 2) if ALL it's features (or at least most) are supported under win2k.


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  1. You're not the only one who's had problems with their Seismic. I'm thinking about a new card soon, too. Wish the Live! hadn't given me compatability problems, I liked that card.

    Anyhow, use the drivers on the CD. They're in the 'WDM' folder, in case you forgot (I did).

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  2. Your Seismic Edge Sucks!!!
    It's your fault for assuming it would be as good as the Acoustics Edge!!!
    Just because both are made by Philips does not mean both are similar. They both use different sound chips and drivers (which can make a world of a difference!!) Sell that piece of crap on Ebay and buy the <b>ACOUSTICS EDGE</b>--all your problems will dissappear, if not, I'll pay you for your loss!!!

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  3. Please Mouse, only one exclamation point is necessary.

    But seriously, to me, <A HREF="" target="_new">this page from Philips' website</A> strongly suggests that all three cards in the line share the same chip, and differ only in input/output options, etc.

    Unless you can show me specific information that says the three have different chips, I sincerely doubt buying an Acoustic Edge would solve my problem.

    And after the way the Acoustic Edge has burned me, there's no way in hell I'll risk a Philips card again any time soon.

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  4. I meant "after the way the <b>Seismic Edge</b> has burned me".

    Sorry for any confusion. :cool:

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  5. I don't know if Philips just recently started using the <i>Thunderbird Avenger</i> sound-chip on ALL of their sound cards, because I remember that the Seismic Edge use to use the <i>Thunderbird Q3D</i>(DSP) sound chip. The Philips Semiconductors’ </i>Thunderbird Avenger</i>(DSP) - SAA7785 PCI audio chip powers the Acoustic Edge sound card. In addition, the Acoustic Edge use to be the only one in the line with EAX 2 support.

    Also, I am betting your problem is due to the WDM drivers and Windowze 2000--you won't have that problem with the Acoustics Edge.(or maybe if you try your sound card with a different OS)

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  6. Right, changing the OS to accomodate a sound card is always the wise choice :)

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  7. An update!

    Bizarrely, I turned my computer on <b>today</b> and Windows again properly recognized the sound card.

    I must have foolishly forgotten the small print on the Seismic Edge box: "*Card only supported on non-Wednesday days."

    Or maybe it is more related to the phase of the moon.

    Or perhaps it doesn't work on days when I don't have my Thermodynamics class.

    Oh well. I am still looking to replace it though; I hear that other board makers have implemented radical new designs that give their cards MTBFs of at least a few months.


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  8. Offhand, I can think of no problem associated with Windows that cannot be solved (on a permanent basis) with a gallon/3.2 litres of unleaded gasoline and a road flare.

    Other than that, the next best thing is a 'format c: /u' command, and a reinstall.

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  9. Trust me, I format often.

    This new "Windows" virus is hard to kill :wink: .

    It keeps coming back...stronger...and more bloated than before!

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  10. The Seismic Edge is a decent card but the TB Montego is old and doesn't support the latest 3D sound standards. I suggest the TB Santa Cruz!

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  11. I get excellent sound quality and no probs with my seismic edge under windows ME.

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